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These folks were caught dumping their unwanted waste on Compton Blvd & Main Street. Fortunately for us, the local business owner was able to capture enough information from their vehicles that we were able to successfully identify their residence. We posted the video on social media and within 12 hours someone from Argentina provided us with their home address. We visited their address and provided that information to Compton Sheriff, Public Works and Supervisor Holly Mitchell's office. The area was cleaned up on the same day of the dumping. It required a crew of 3 along with multiple trash trucks and took over 3 hours. The dumping of large items has subsided since this incident occurred on January 2nd. Sadly, these are local community members dumping in their own neighborhood.

This is the third dumper that we have caught in the past 6 weeks. We are doing everything possible to get them prosecuted. LA County Public Works along with the Sheriff's Dept will be installing cameras at this chronic location. A BIG Thank You to Frank for reporting all of the dumping on a daily basis, you're efforts brought the cameras.

We have invested in a drone to showcase the dire realities impacting our business corridors throughout the Unincorporated LA County areas and a very small sliver of Harbor Gateway. We are in constant communication with LA County Public Works, Compton & Century Sheriff, LAPD Southeast, LAPD Harbor, LA County Health Dept, and Supervisor Mitchell's staff. Public Works does not have sufficient staffing to remove the debris in a timely manner. We reached out to Councilman Tim McOsker for assistance. He will be providing his Clean One-Five Team to help us tackle some of these locations.

Over the holidays, we worked everyday to ensure reporting was being done. During the holiday break, we identified 16 stolen vehicles, 6 stolen containers, and 2 stolen big-rigs. On the homeless front, we have no children on the Broadway corridor living in the RV's.

As a gentle reminder to report the illegal dumping, request graffiti removal or non-working street lights in the Unincorporated LA County Areas use the following resources:

For ALL City of Los Angeles Streets

For City of Gardena Streets

  • GardenaDirect app

  • Call (310) 217 9650

If you happen to see an illegal dumping in progress, please do NOT attempt to stop them. Call 911. You can text us (members you have our numbers). If you can safely get photos or videos that is great. If you cannot get photos, try to get their license plates and/or descriptions. We can work together to end the illegal dumping in our communities.

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