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Arson Related Fire(s).

On Thursday, April 18th, a massive fire broke out under the 105 freeway on Broadway in Harbor Gateway North, a small community belonging to the City of Los Angeles. This particular fire was the third one and in the same general area within an 18 hour period. As you will notice from the photo, individuals are living adjacent to the fire. Allegedly, those individuals were responsible for the fire. This area continues to be a chronic location for arson fires.

To make matters worse, the area has a plethora of overlapping jurisdictions which do not have systems in place to share these incidents.

Let me break down all of the responsible jurisdictions.

  • Freeways and the property around them belong to the State of California. Gov Newsom can be contacted at

  • Caltrans maintains these areas. To report any issues related to Caltrans property click this link

  • Caltrans has an additional contact option. Click this link

  • LA City Fire Department/ LAFD Arson Counter Terrorism Section

  • LAPD Southeast Senior Lead Officer Hamaoka. Email

  • LADWP has power lines in the area as well.

As you can see these locations are complicated. Your donation and/or membership provides us the ability to monitor these locations and report accordingly.

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