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Are We Next?

One of the most poignant metaphors for life and growth for me has been peeling back the layers of an onion. As a chef, peeling onions can sting and make you cry. As I work on the streets, life has a funny way of mimicking old experiences. One drive can result in the discovery of so many other issues. One clean up identifies the sins the of the past. Even working with the homeless, listening to their realities can be jarring.

We find ourselves with many issues that need to be addressed sooner rather than later. The clean ups have been one layer. The RV Encampment Removals have been another layer. Getting the homeless to accept the help has been another layer. Now, we have the environmental issues which have to be discussed, addressed and resolved.

With the recent pallet fire in DTLA, our city is now in recovery mode. With prevention in our area, we can avoid this type of event from happening to us.

We have been reporting this location for over a year. We have included the Dept of Justice, Environmental Crimes Unit, LA County Fire, LA City Fire, Union Pacific Railroad Police and the Media. Unfortunately, we have not received any communication from Supervisor Mitchell or her office regarding the plan for this area.

I encourage all of you to start inundating her office with emails.

Kyle Lee is the constituent engagement deputy for the area.

Richard Ruelas is from the County of Los Angeles Fire Department

Together we can be proactive for the safety & quality of the life in our neighborhoods.

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