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Another Success CARE+ Clean Up In Harbor Gateway North

A chronic area with homeless living in an alley, large amounts of debris and illegal activity taking place near our Boys & Girls Club. Getting our homeless outreach providers & mental health specialists is the very first step. Using to submit the request, a team is then deployed to the location within 48 hours. The assessment begins and resources are offered.

To have the waste removed, we used the MYLA311 app, attached photos and provided as many details in the comment section as possible. I typically include information that homeless outreach has been requested. Then we notify Councilmember Tim McOsker's office, LAPD Southeast & Gardena PD of the situation so they can monitor. It's the extra steps that we take to ensure everyone is aware and involved.

We aren't your average Chamber of Commerce. We are creating the solutions that will reshape our business corridors into safer, cleaner, healthier areas.

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