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Another RV Fire & One Prevented....

On Monday, an early morning RV fire hit Redondo Beach Blvd near Figueroa Street. The RV contained oxygen tanks, which exploded as the firefighters were attempting to extinguish the blaze.

As a Chamber of Commerce, we have been actively working with every available agency to get additional resources into the business corridors. We began working with Fox11 last month. We have 4 new segments coming in the next two weeks. Fox News National will be out next week to begin enlightening the nation on the issues plaguing our Unincorporated Areas.

Our second fire was on Broadway near Compton Blvd. It started as a trash fire and spread to a nearby RV. Firefighters were on scene quick and prevented it from further spreading.

We have been advising every business to submit emails to April Johnson from Supervisor Holly Mitchell's office regarding the ongoing issues impacting your locations. We requested to be included in your correspondence with her office. Here is the contact information:

The only way we are going to resolve these ongoing issues is to get every business and building owner to do their part. Reporting the issues on a daily basis is step one.

To report the blocked sidewalks, piles of waste, use TheWorks app or call 888 8DUMPING.

To request assistance for those living in the RV's, use This will generate a request which will show the need. Teams will be deployed within 48 hours.

Please do your part. We are here to help all of you.

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