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We still manage to find the FUN in our communities by simply getting involved. Over the last four days, we participated in 5 Halloween Events at various locations including schools & parks. We donated candy to law enforcement agencies, provided pizzas for the parks and donated beverages to ensure no one went thirsty. Working together is helping to bridge the gap.

On Thursday, October 26th, we participated in the annual Clergy Talk & Walk along Figueroa Street in South Los Angeles. Members from various churches, neighborhood councils, block clubs and volunteers gathered to share all available resources from homeless outreach, city services, and family services. This is third year we have been involved and supported this very important event. If you are interested in getting involved in upcoming events with LAPD Southeast or to attend the next Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB) meeting, please contact Officer Dawson Hill at

Everyone is welcome!!!

Your membership to the Harbor Gateway Chamber of Commerce supports our local communities. We are committed to reshaping our neighborhoods together.

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