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2nd RV Fire In The Same Location.

Wednesday, November 1st at 10pm, Redondo Beach Blvd was rocked by an RV fire. The cause of the fire was determined to be accidental. However, the sidewalk was filled with debris creating additional issues for our firefighters.

Last week, I visited the location and met with the property manager and other tenants regarding the issues. As I shared with them, I cannot continue to serve the businesses which are not financially supporting my efforts. Organizing a community clean up with volunteers takes times requires tools, supplies and dumpsters. Public Works does not have sufficient manpower to handle all the waste sitting on the streets. There is not an official RV Encampment removal scheduled for Redondo Beach Blvd in the near future.

The next area to have the RV Encampment Protocols are listed below:

  • Main Street between Alondra & Redondo Beach Blvd

  • Broadway between Alondra & 157th

  • 157th between Figueroa & San Pedro

  • San Pedro between 157th & Avalon

(This next clean up will be a displacement and the removal of non-working, unregistered RV's will take place. Everyone in these impacted locations has been offered services. We are working closely with the Sheriff notifying them when RV's from the above locations relocate to other areas). Should you have questions, please contact Supervisor Mitchell's office.

In previous posts, I have provided all the contacts to business community to utilize on a daily basis for reporting the problems, contacts at Supervisor Mitchell's office, the various law enforcement agencies and the Dept of Justice Environmental Crimes Unit.

For those businesses that are supporting the Chamber, I am doing everything possible to get the resources to your location.

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