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Harbor Gateway Map

Harbor Gateway North

LAPD SOUTHEAST Division Covers Harbor Gateway North

Westbound 91 Freeway/North side of Artesia between East side of Vermont to the West Side of Figueroa.

North side of Alondra Blvd and the East Side of Figueroa to the South side of Imperial Hwy to Central Ave.

Postal Codes 90248, 90061, 90066

Harbor Gateway South

LAPD HARBOR Division covers Harbor Gateway South

Eastbound 91 Freeway/South side of Artesia between the West side of Figueroa to East Side of Vermont. The area includes 190th Street between Figueroa & Western. The south continues between Normandie & Western to the North side of Sepulveda.

Postal Codes 90248, 90501, 90502

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